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Hemangiomas are the most common vascular anomaly and the most common tumor of childhood and infancy. Hemangiomas are abnormally dense collections of dilated small blood vessels (or capillaries). Although not necessarily present at birth, they do typically appear in the first two weeks of life. They are classified as non-cancerous blood vessel tumors that may occur anywhere in the body, including the skin or organs.

Deeper hemangiomas may not be apparent until two to three months of age. There may be a faint discoloration or barely visible spot at birth in approximately 30 percent to 40 percent of patients. Most hemangiomas (80 percent) appear as a single lesion on the body. Less commonly (20 percent), they may appear in multiple locations. There are more female patients with hemangiomas than there are males (approximately 3:1). Hemangiomas often appear on the infant’s head and neck area or other areas that are easily noticed. This can be quite disconcerting to parents as they are frequently asked if their baby was injured or has a tumor. In rare instances, these lesions may occur in locations that interfere with normal function. Depending on the size, hemangiomas may interfere with breathing, feeding or even urination. For example, hemangiomas involving the eyelid can interfere with development of normal vision and must be treated as quickly as possible.

Hemangiomas are often diagnosed by patient history and physical examination. When there is a deep lesion, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may be performed to determine the extent of the problem and any involvement of internal organs. Rarely, hemangiomas are associated with unusual syndromes or conditions. A thorough exam and additional tests may be required to detect the presence of these syndromes.

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