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Hemangioma, also spelled Haemangioma, a congenital, benign tumour, made up of new-formed blood vessels of the skin. There are three main types.

Capillary hemangioma, also called nevus flammeus or port-wine stain, is a common skin lesion resulting from abnormal local aggregation of capillaries, the smallest blood vessels. The stain-like lesion is smooth surfaced, not elevated, and well demarcated. It is pink to dark bluish-red. It varies in size and shape and is seen most frequently on the back of the head or neck and less frequently on the forehead and about the eyes. There is no satisfactory treatment, but the lesion usually becomes less noticeable and sometimes disappears as the skin thickens with age.

Immature hemangioma, also called hemangioma simplex or strawberry mark, is a common reddish nubbin on the skin, constituted of aggregations of dilated small blood vessels, which may or may not occur singly. If not already present at birth, it becomes noticeable within the first few weeks of life. The lesion first enlarges to some degree, reaching its maximum size by the age of six months or so, and occasionally becomes ulcerated; but it usually recedes after the first year of life. Spontaneous complete involution of the lesion occurs in practically all cases, normally taking place in early childhood. Treatment is rarely necessary.

Cavernous hemangioma, a rare, red-blue, raised tumour, is constituted of rather large blood vessels enclosed within a framework of connective and fatty tissues. Although most often associated with the skin, it is also sometimes found in mucous membranes, the brain, and the viscera. In all cases, it is present fully developed at birth; it is rarely malignant and increases in size only to the same extent as that of the body part involved. There is no satisfactory treatment. For cosmetic purposes, surgery, if feasible, may be considered.

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