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This is a skin thickening normally occurring in females with skin that is brown. It is caused by too much buildup of keratin in the outer layers of skin. The thickening of this skin defends it from rubbing, irritation as well as pressure. Most of the types of this condition are painless. While hyperkeratosis can happen anyplace on the body there are several regions that are typically more prone.

Symptoms of this condition usually depend upon the form of hyperkeratosis. Calluses, corns, as well as plantar warts can be quite painful. In some individual they may just be because of their unsightliness.

Hyperkeratosis can look:

  • Itchy, scaly patches, bluish-purple – Lichen planus
  • Whitish spots in the mouth due to friction from dentures
  • Chronic inflammation of the skin known as eczema triggered by irritating allergies, chemicals, or other factors
  • Scaly dry skin with areas of color changes
  • Hair loss.
  • Red, flat coarse skin patches – actinic keratosis
  • Small harmless brown or black skin growth of unknown causes

Often hyperkeratosis can just develop on its own, minus any obvious cause, containing areas that are large on the skin. In these instances, hyperkeratosis normally starts quickly after birth as portion of a disorder that is genetic.

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