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Dermatitis is a skin inflammation. Eczema is the most common type of dermatitis.

Eczema first appears as an episode of itching and redness of the skin. You also may have tiny bumps or blisters.

When eczema develops into a long-term condition, it is called chronic eczema. This leads to:

  • Thickening of the skin
  • Scaling
  • Flaking
  • Dryness
  • Color changes

There are many types of eczema. The type depends on the cause, shape and location of the rash.

Most eczemas are related to allergies or to contact with irritating substances. Some are associated with fluid retention in the legs.

Short-term symptoms of eczema include itchy skin, redness and tiny bumps or blisters.

If these symptoms remain untreated, the skin can become thick, scaly and dry. There can be areas of hair loss and color changes. Skin affected by long-term eczema is more vulnerable to secondary infections.

Your doctor should review your skin care routine. Your doctor can ensure you are doing everything possible to prevent symptoms.

But sometimes eczema remains bothersome despite these measures.

Your doctor may prescribe a corticosteroid ointment or cream. In atopic dermatitis, mild or medium strength topical steroids generally are used. These are applied to the affected areas of the skin.

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