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The cause of dyshidrotic eczema is not known. But, it can be linked with a similar disorder of the skin known as atopic dermatitis as well as allergic conditions, for instance asthma and hay fever known as allergic rhinitis. Eruptions can be seasonal in individuals with allergies.

With dyshidrotic eczema, the affected areas of the skin come to be inflamed. Because of this, the connections between the cells of the skin open and this allows fluid or serum to seal these spaces. Physicians denote this development as spongiosis since when viewed under microscope; the skin appears sponge-like with these numerous fluid-filled spaces.

Signs or symptoms of dyshidrotic eczema include:
Itchy bumps which are small and which steadily develop into a rash consisting of vesicles which are blisters filled with fluid.
Itching is intense
With large blisters there is pain – not so much with smaller blisters
Fissures which or grooves or cracks on your toes or fingers
Develops on the fingers and palms on the hand as well as toes and soles of your feet
Blisters normally last about 3 weeks

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