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Eczema is one of the most common and chronic inflammatory skin conditions. In eczema the skin becomes dry and cracked. Eczema is often itchy with blisters and other inflammatory changes. Eczema can occur on any part of skin surface, but when it develops in armpits it is great distressing and annoyance for the patient.

Eczema in armpit is more troublesome than armpit odor and blackened armpit skin.

Armpit eczema is also called seborrhic dermatitis. Tiny bumps filled with pus may appear as a result of secondary infection. An infected eczema in armpits if not treated in time may lead to many systemic complications.

Armpit eczema can occur at any age. It can occur in childhood and in adults too. There are several causes for armpit eczema.

  • Soaps which contain chemicals may cause allergic reaction in the armpit leading to eczema. Fragrances and perfumes used in soaps may also be a triggering cause for itching and inflammatory changes in armpits.
  • The use of deodorant is simple and most common cause for armpit eczema in adults.
  • Excessive dry atmosphere or air, itchy woolen clothes, dust mites, are few other causes.
  • Often shaving the armpit hair may be a reason for irritation of underarm skin. This irritation may ultimately cause eczematous reaction in armpit.
  • The other reason for development of armpit eczema is its moistness. Yeast and other bacterial organisms thrive in the skin folds of underarms. The yeast called malassezia is often responsible for armpit eczema.


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