Chicken Pox Scars Pictures - 6 Photos & Images

Common symptoms of Chicken Pox include running a fever, headaches, back aches, sore throat and a rash that is identifiable because of the fluid filled blisters that appear. However, the worst symptom of all is the itching that comes along with those blisters. If you want to prevent scarring, don’t scratch! Most often scars left behind after Chicken Pox is over are the result of infections caused by scratching those itchy pox.

Sometimes it is next to impossible to avoid scratching those itches! Most often this is the case with smaller children so it is suggested that you put gloves or mittens on them. In the old days, mom used to put a sock on the hands of toddlers with a rubber band around the wrist to keep them on. This makes good sense since white socks can be bleached to prevent spreading the disease. Alternately, whether the infected individual is an adult or child, clip the nails as short as possible to prevent breaking the skin open with fingernails.

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