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If you catch the chickenpox virus, you’ll begin to get symptoms 10 to 21 days later. The first symptoms can include:
mild headache
loss of appetite
a general feeling of being unwell

The infection can be milder in children than in adults – some children may not get these initial symptoms. A day or two after your first symptoms, you’ll get a rash with flat or slightly raised red spots. You’ll probably get them on your face and chest first, and they may spread to your arms and legs in patches. You may also get spots in your mouth, nose and genitals.

Your spots might become filled with fluid, forming small blisters. These can be extremely itchy and will usually crust over within a few days, forming scabs. Your spots will probably take around two weeks to heal completely. They don’t usually leave a scar, unless they get infected. This may be more likely if you scratch them.

The severity of chickenpox varies – it’s possible for children to be infected but show no symptoms. Some children may have only a few blistered spots, while others will have extensive spots. You may have a fever for longer, or you may become more unwell and develop complications.

If you have a young child, keep an eye out for signs of high fever and dehydration (eg urinating less, tiredness, cold fingers and toes, and reduced skin elasticity). If your child shows these signs, seek immediate medical advice.

These symptoms aren’t always caused by chickenpox. They could also be caused by another viral or bacterial infection or skin condition.

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