Chickenpox in Infants Pictures - 40 Photos & Images

Chicken pox, fortunately, is becoming less frequent in the US because we have an effective vaccination,” says Kahn. Before the chicken pox vaccine became widely available, about 4 million kids per year contracted chicken pox — and up to 100 died annually. Today, there are fewer than 10 deaths per year from chicken pox. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the greatest reduction in deaths has been among children ages one to four.

It’s contagious! The virus that causes chicken pox can spread directly (by touching someone’s un-crusted-over rash) or through the air (via coughs and sneezes). Unfortunately, chicken pox is contagious even before the first blister appears, so it’s virtually impossible to avoid people with the disease — and it can be really tough to track down where and when your child might have been exposed.

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