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Although scarlet fever in adults is not as common as those in kids of ages 6 months to 10 years old, it still helps to learn about it because it is a very communicable condition. If a member of a household has it, it can immediately spread, especially to those of the age bracket stated above. Thus, you must be aware of the symptoms to watch out for so that if they manifest, you will know what to do in order to not make the situation worse and to avoid others from being affected.

The following symptoms are commonly present in scarlet fever in adults:
• Fever that could reach higher than 38.3 degrees Celsius.
• Sore throat that is caused by the bacteria.
• Red rashes that usually appears two to five days after the onset of sore throat and fever. The rashes would look like sunburn and with texture as that of a sand paper.
• Strawberry tongue or the condition where the tongue looks red and bumpy and is surrounded by white covering which could be likened to the said fruit. This is among the most obvious indicators of the presence of scarlet fever.
• Dark red lines could form in areas like the armpits, knees, groin, necks and elbows.
• Flushed face due to the presence of the rashes.
• The sore throat could lead to conditions like "dysphagia" or difficulty in swallowing.
• The occurrence of swollen lymph nodes which are tender to the touch.
• Nausea, headache and vomiting may also manifest as well as other symptoms.

The problem with most of these symptoms is that they may also occur with other sickness such as with strep throat. Everything starts with the sore throat and fever and a few days after that would the rashes appear and their appearance signals that the illness is no longer contagious. This is why, even if you are just in the stage of having a fever, you should already keep your distance from the kids at home so that no matter how it develops, they are spared. Scarlet fever in adults would be diagnosed after a swab testing is undertaken. When its existence is determined, antibiotics will be given to kill the bacteria that are causing the disease. Remember to take the medicine up to the last day of prescription to ensure the elimination of the bacteria so as to prevent further complications. It is better to prevent it from spreading rather than have everyone suffer the same.

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