Ocular Melanoma Pictures - 27 Photos & Images

Ocular melanomas comprise uveal and conjunctival sub-types, which are very different from each other. A large majority of uveal melanomas involve the choroid, with less than 10% being confined to the ciliary body and iris. They tend to metastasize haematogenously, almost always involving the liver. Therapeutic methods include various forms of radiotherapy, surgical resection and phototherapy, which are often used in combination. Conjunctival melanomas show many similarities to their cutaneous counterparts, often metastasizing by lymphatic spread. Treatment consists of excision of invasive melanoma with adjunctive radiotherapy and/or cryotherapy and topical chemotherapy for intra-epithelial disease. The management of patients with ocular melanomas demands a good understanding of the pathology of these tumours. Pathological examination of the tumour indicates the prognosis and hence the need for further investigation and treatment. The scope of the pathologist is enhanced thanks to advances in molecular biology.

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