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Molluscum contagiosum is a common, yet irritating, skin condition that can occur in children. It is a viral infection that causes a mild skin rash. The rash looks like one or more small growths or wart-like bumps (called mollusca) that are usually pink, white, or skin-colored. The bumps are usually smooth and shiny or pearly-looking, and may have an indented center.

Infection is most common among kids between 1 and 12 years old. If you or your child comes into contact with the M. contagiosum virus, you may not see symptoms of infection for up to six months. The average incubation period is between two and seven weeks.

Kids can get molluscum contagiosum in a few different ways. It spreads easily, and most commonly, through direct skin-to-skin contact, but kids can get it by touching objects that have the virus on them, such as toys, clothing, towels, and bedding.

Once someone has molluscum contagiosum, it can be spread from one part of the body to another by scratching or rubbing the bumps and then touching another part of the body.

Most of the time, molluscum does not need any treatment. The spots usually disappear over a period of time as the body fights and kills the virus. A small number of children can have the spots for several months or years.

No one treatment is effective for all children. More aggressive treatment may cause scarring. For this reason, it is best to try simple treatments first. Simple treatments are designed to irritate the spots. This is to encourage the body's immune system to recognize the virus and destroy the infected cells. 

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