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Scarlet fever (scarlatina) is an infection that's caused by group A streptococcus bacteria. If your child has scarlet fever, his symptoms are likely to be a red rash, a sore throat and a fever. Your child is most likely to get scarlet fever if he is between two years and eight years old. The peak season for scarlet fever spans from September to April. With more children being affected, it makes sense to learn the symptoms to look out for.

If your child has scarlet fever, his first symptoms are likely to be: a sore throat a headache a fever extreme tiredness nausea and/or vomiting A red rash with a texture like sandpaper normally develops 12 hours to 48 hours after this. It will start in one place, usually on your child's chest and stomach, and then spread over his body. It's unlikely to spread to your child’s face, but his cheeks may become flushed, with the skin around his mouth remaining pale.

Use the glass test to check suspicious rashes. Press the side of a clear drinking glass to your child’s skin. A scarlet fever rash will fade to white under pressure. If this doesn’t happen, tell your doctor, as it could be a sign of meningitis.

Other symptoms of scarlet fever may include your child developing: Swollen lymph nodes in his neck. Loss of appetite. Tummy pain. A white coating on his tongue which usually peels away after a few days, leaving his tongue red and swollen (strawberry tongue).

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