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Neurofibromatosis baby is an unpredictable disorder. Its severity varies widely, even between two people in the same family. Some people with NF1 may be completely unaware they're affected, going through life with only a few café-au-lait spots and bumps on the skin. Others may develop at any time specific medical and cosmetic complications related to the disorder.

Most newborns with the NF1 gene mutation show few or no signs of the disorder. Café-au-lait spots often initially appear in the first few weeks of life, but their absence in a newborn at risk of inheriting NF1 is not a good indicator of whether or not the child has the disorder. The spots may show up later.

Neurofibromas are uncommon in infancy. One exception is the plexiform neurofibroma, a neurofibroma that most often affects multiple branches of large nerves. Plexiform neurofibromas often first appear in infancy as a soft swelling under the skin. However, their absence in a newborn is not a good indicator of whether or not one will appear later in life. Plexiform neurofibromas located deep under the skin may not emerge until they have grown.

Characteristics of NF1 in the early childhood period include the following:

  • Embryonal tumors
  • Compression injuries: Plexiform neurofibromas in the mediastinal cavity may cause compression. Back pain in a patient with café au lait lesions should always be taken seriously because this symptom may be a sign of a radiculopathy.
  • Optic pathway gliomas: These occur by the time the patient is aged 3 years.


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