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Bowenoid papulosis is a rare form of intraepithelial neoplasia. This means it is a pre-cancerous skin condition. It presents as single or multiple small, red, brown or flesh-coloured spots or patches on the genitals of males and females. In females it is one type of vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN). It may occur at any age. The incidence in young women is rising. Although most cases of Bowenoid papulosis are benign (harmless) a small percentage may transform into invasive squamous cell carcinoma (penile or vulvar cancer).

Small red, brown or flesh-coloured flat or warty lesions appear most commonly on the shaft of the penis or labia of females. They may also be present on other parts of the genitals as well as in and around the anus. The condition is usually symptomless but occasionally lesions may become inflamed, itchy and painful. The diagnosis is usually made by skin biopsy.

Bowenoid papulosis tends to spontaneously disappear within several months and if a young woman is pregnant when it is diagnosed it will often disappear after delivery. If it is persistent this is an indication for active treatment because of the chance of developing skin cancer.

Women, who have partners suffering from Bowenoid papulosis, are at higher risk of developing cervical cancer. The risk of carcinomais greatest in women over age of 40. Female partners should be evaluated regularly using Papanicolaou smears.

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