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Any of the following symptoms of a genital herpes simplex virus infection can occur in a man or a woman:
Cracked, raw, or red areas around your genitals without pain, itching, or tingling
Itching or tingling around your genitals or your anal region
Small blisters that break open and cause painful sores. These may be on or around your genitals (penis or vagina) or on your buttocks, thighs, or rectal area. More rarely, blisters may occur
inside the urethra -- the tube urine passes through on its way out of your body.
Pain from urine passing over the sores -- this is especially a problem in women.
Flu-like symptoms, including fever, swollen lymph nodes, and fatigue

Genital herpes is not the only condition that can produce these symptoms. Sometimes, herpes simplex virus is mistaken for vaginal yeast infections, bacterial infections, or bladder infections. The only way to know whether they are the result of herpes simplex virus or another condition is to be checked by a health care provider. Genital herpes is diagnosed with a physical exam and typically confirmed with a swab test or a blood test.

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