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Vitiligo on the penis is usually diagnosed by a physical exam. The appearance of penile vitiligo spots usually give away the diagnosis.  Vitiligo of the penis usually appears as penile discoloration on the foreskin, less commonly on the glans of the penis.  Penile vitiligo can sometimes appear similar to discoloration patches caused by balanitis xerotical obliterans (BXO) but experienced urologist can usually easily differentiate between BXO and penile vitiligo by the texture of the skin and associated findings (presence of vitiligo on other parts of the body, signs of BXO such as tissue scarring, elevated patches).

Vitiligo can be treated with medications, creams, lasers and surgical techniques.  Vitiligo can recur after treatment and new lesions can appear in the same or a different location.  In some patients who do not respond to medications, circumcision or excision of affected areas can provide an effective  treatment option.  Often, local skin flaps, a plastic surgery technique is utilized to excise extensive vitiligo.

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