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Strophulus may be red or white. Red Strophulus begins as red blotches, slightly raised in the centre; the redness soon fades, and the central elevation enlarge and form flattened pimples. White Strophulus consists of pearly-white, opaque pimples, about the size of a pin’s head, usually on the face and arms.

This desease is peculiar to infants and is often called red-gum or red-gown. Several parts of the body are affected in succession, it doesn’t come at once. It chiefly affects the face and extremities; and is sometimes intermittent; not periodicl; but it comes and goes.

Causes: unsuitable diet, and consequent digestive derangement. It is most frequent in children who are too much shut-out from fresh air.

Remedies: chamomilla. This remedy is often sufficient. A dose thrice daily.

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