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In most cases, your body's immune system defeats an HPV infection before it creates warts. When warts do appear, they vary in appearance depending on which variety of HPV.

Common warts, plantar and flat warts. Common warts are rough, raised bumps most commonly found on the hands, fingers and elbows. Plantar warts are described as hard, grainy growths on the feet, most commonly appearing on the heels or balls of the feet.

Most hand and foot warts are harmless and do not require treatment. In fact, many of them disappear once your immune system recognizes and fights off the virus. However, if you have a painful or bothersome wart that you want removed, you can try various over-the-counter treatments such as wart patches and creams containing salicylic acid. These treatment methods may work more effectively if the wart is soaked in warm water before application, and if the wart is gently abraded with a sanitized nail file or pumice stone between treatments. However, if these methods don’t work, you can schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to explore other options. Your dermatologist will first examine the wart to rule out other types of lumps and bumps. After that, your dermatologist might remove a small section of the wart tissue and conduct a biopsy to diagnose it properly. Finally, prescription creams or medications, and in some cases, cryotherapy (freezing), electrosurgery or curettage (burning), chemical peels, injections, or minor surgery (excision), may be required to remove wart tissue. Make sure to inform your doctor or dermatologist if you have diabetes, because cuts or burns could potentially cause permanent nerve damage in your feet.

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