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Boil also known as furuncle of the nose is a fairly common condition.The main cause is nose picking causing infection of the the hair follicle of the nasal vestibule. This is common in dry climate where the secretions of the nose get dried up and cause irritation in the nose forcing the person to introduce finger in the nose to remove the crust. The skin over that area becomes painful and swelling starts appearing over the area which spreads very fast.The patient can have fever also.The area over the tip of nose and central part of upper lip is called dangerous area of the face as infection from this area can spread to the brain (cavernous sinus) causing fatal complications. So never press or squeeze a boil over this area or you will land yourself in grave trouble.Give plenty of hot fomentation and take appropriate antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs. Local application of antibiotic cream is also effective. With this treatment the recovery takes place in a couple of days.

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