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To fully understand why one might have herpes on the eyelid, it is important to know what herpes is and what can trigger it. The herpes simplex virus infects the nerves, mucous membranes and the skin.

The first type of the herpes simplex virus is the most common, infecting primarily the face and causing those familiar fever blisters or cold sores. The second type of virus is the sexually transmitted disease that infects the genitals. Both types of the herpes simplex virus can spread to the face, resulting in herpes on the eyelid however, the first type is the most common cause.

Type one of the virus is extremely contagious and is easily transmitted by simply having skin contact with the infected person. It is very common and at least 90 percent of the population has been exposed to this, usually during childhood. Once you have had your initial infection, the virus remains in a dormant state, living in your eye or skin nerve cells. From time to time, the virus is reactivated and new blisters or cold sores are created.

Reactivation of herpes on the eyelid can be triggered by a few different reasons, including:
Sun exposure
Certain prescription and over the counter medications

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1 +1 -1 Anonymous 28.09.2017 21:08:50

I have herpes on my eye lid very strange, no symptoms but puffy eye lid, happen around mensturation cycle.

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