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The primary places that herpes blisters appear are around the mouth and on the genitals including the rectum. However, little known fact, the lesions can erupt anywhere on the body including on internal organs like the cervix. Another common place that the herpes blisters can erupt is on the lower back and buttocks. The virus that causes this type of outbreak is HSV-2 or herpes simplex virus 2, which is responsible for the majority of genital herpes infections.

Herpes is a tricky disease. Strangely enough, a person can have the disease and not display any or have very mild symptoms for years. At the same time, these people are still contagious and account for a significant number of transmissions. In general, though, people with herpes display one or more of the following symptoms:
The appearance of blisters or open sores on the skin; HSV-2 causes the sores to appear in the genital area and the rectum; people with sacral herpes will only develop these blisters on their back and/or buttocks
Itching or tingling in the region
Pain in or around the affected area
Red inflamed skin
Crack, red, or raw areas
Flu-like symptoms such as nausea or joint pain

If you are displaying any of these symptoms, it is a good idea to get tested by a medical professional to confirm your self-diagnosis. This ensures you use the right treatment for your condition.

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1 +1 -1 Anonymous 11.02.2017 09:25:30

This is exactly what I have

2 +1 -1 Karen 27.12.2017 18:51:11

I’ve had hopes on my buttocks for about 15 years, the outbreaks don’t occur too often, I’ve noticed it seems to break out during a stressful event.it manifests as 3 separate sores always in the same spots.ive always heard there is no cure for herpes, is there anything new out there that could make it dormant? Or is this a curse forever?

2 +1 -1 dresa nagle 01.02.2018 07:22:08

i have blisters on my buttocks comes and goes away what is the cure for it

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