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Staphylococcal bacteria are normally found on the skin surface. Damage to the hair follicle allows the bacteria to enter deeper into the tissues of the hair follicle and the underlying tissue. Hair follicles can become inflamed on any area of the body. Blocked sweat glands or ingrown hairs may contribute to the formation of a furuncle. They are most likely to develop on areas that are subjected to constant friction, sweating, or rubbing by clothing or athletic gear.

Furuncles are caused by an acute, localized staphylococcal infection which produces an abscess of the skin and underlying tissue. Furuncles are more common in people who:
are overweight or obese
have diabetes
have poor hygiene
use intravenous (IV) drugs

Furuncles are seen most often on the back of the neck, face, buttocks, thighs, groin, breast, or in the underarm area. The lesions are raised, tender, shiny, and bright red. Intense, throbbing pain is common with a furuncle. As the furuncle matures, it becomes filled with a yellow or white creamy discharge. The person may have a fever and feel fatigued.

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