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Freckles are flat, tanned circular spots that typically are the size of the head of a common nail. The spots are multiple and may develop on sun-exposed skin after repeated exposure to sunlight. These are particularly common in people of fair complexion on upper-body skin areas like the cheeks, nose, arms, and upper shoulders. In rare instances they may also occur on legs.

Although freckles on leg are not as common as those seen on other exposed parts of body, the underlying cause remains the same. Frequent and too much exposure to sunlight for a long duration is primary reason for development of the tanned spots on legs.

Freckles on leg are frequently observed among people who wear shorts and keep their leg exposed to sunlight for long duration. They are more obvious among fair skinned individuals with red hair and blue eyes. Persons playing certain sports in sunlight wearing shorts are vulnerable to develop such spots on their leg. It is also common among women and men who remain exposed to too much of sunlight while sunbathing.

Freckles on leg are harmless skin blemishes, however many people may not like them due to cosmetic reasons. There are many options available for those who wish to get rid of such tanned spots on their legs.

If freckles on leg are difficult to be removed with conventional home remedies, you can talk to your dermatologist for other options. Laser therapy, chemical peels are effective in getting rid of freckles on legs completely. However, they are expensive as compared to home remedies.

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