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Typically, a boil on the neck will be just below the hairline or in the middle of the neck area. The causes apart from the bacteria that develops in infection are - hygiene and health issues, low immunity, sometimes heredity issues too. Some healthy people too carry the bacteria in their body since birth. Frequent boils may be caused due to this bacteria in their skin and nasal passages. Medical conditions like diabetes too can cause boils on the neck. Clothing can also cause the skin to get irritated, causing boils.

Symptoms may include, swollen red skin on the neck area. The boil may be a hard and reddish bump in the initial stages. It will be painful and tender to touch as it grows, and pus may start showing in the boil. In severe cases, there may be excess swelling, pain and redness, and there may be more than one boil in the neck area. Fever and swelling of the lymph nodes is also a serious symptom.

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is it possible for me to have more. boils on my neck.

and does this means I'm HIV possible

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