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Lentigo (pl. Lentigines) - a brown, sharply circumscribed macule resembling a freckle.

A solar lentigo on the face (plural, solar lentigines), also known as a sun-induced freckle or senile lentigo, is a dark (hyperpigmented) lesion caused by natural or artificial ultraviolet (UV) light. Solar lentigines may be single or multiple. This type of lentigo is different from a simple lentigo (lentigo simplex) because it is caused by exposure to UV light. Solar lentigines are benign, but they do indicate excessive sun exposure, a risk factor for the development of skin cancer.

Solar lentigines typically appear on areas exposed to natural or artificial UV light. They appear as well-defined, light brown to black, flat spots. In people who have been treated with a form of UV light therapy called PUVA, solar lentigines may occur in areas of the skin not exposed to UV light.
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